Over the years, we’ve achieved some pretty incredible results for our clients. We’re not only proud of the results (which you can view on our case studies page), but we’re proud of how we achieved them.


Our digital marketing strategies are driven by thorough market research, customer insights and the monetary outcomes we want to achieve. In other words, our strategies are driven by logic.

But that’s not all.

Our strategies are also guided by our intuition.

Contrary to logic, using your intuition is about trusting your instinctive feelings rather than conscious reasoning. It’s about tuning into you body, your deeper values and your moral compass to guide decision making. It’s about asking the question: Logic and Intuition in marketing

What feels right?

In the business world, logic often tramples all over intuition. However, here at LKO, we believe successful marketing strategies are driven by a combination of both.

It goes without saying that your marketing strategies need to be driven by logical, data-based decisions. So today, let’s explore why you should make room for your intuition. Specifically, how you can tune into it as a driving force behind a successful marketing campaign.  

So why attempt to tune into your intuition when creating your strategies in the first place? For us, there’s a few key reasons.

    • The first is that it helps us to create strategies and campaigns that are ethical, and align with our values. When you’re constantly stuck in the mindset of numbers, stats, theory and return, it can be easy for you to forget which direction your moral compass is pointing.
    • The second is that it helps us work on the right things at the right time. We tune into our intuition and ask ourselves which part of a campaign or strategy we feel most inspired by. This leads to an organic creative flow where the work we produce is written and created with passion, as opposed to force.
    • And finally, tuning into our intuition helps us use our past experiences and learnings to make the right decision. Our instinctive feelings are usually formed based on previous experience and exposure. Therefore, what feels right is usually based on previous lesson we’ve learnt.


So how exactly can you “tune in” to your intuition? How can you use it to drive a successful marketing strategy?

A big part of it is the idea of alignment before action. The key is to make sure you are connected to the creative flow of energy BEFORE making any decision or taking any action in your marketing plans.

Logic and Intuition in marketingOne way to do this is to ask yourself “what feels like the most fun thing to do?” It may sound counterproductive, but actually what you feel most excited and most drawn to do is what you’ll do best at.

You may have seen the meme floating around lately that says the word HUSTLE, crossed out and replaced with the word ALIGN. In our experience, working on campaigns with clients for over eight years, this is 100% true.

You will get better results, enjoy yourself more and feel good in your work if you make alignment a PRIORITY every day.

Another way to tune into your intuition is to question how you feel within your body, not just your mind. Does your body feel light, excited and high-vibe about a decision? Or heavy, nervous, and resistant? Intuition is about trusting this feeling within your body. It’s about knowing that if something doesn’t sit right, it probably isn’t right.

Using a combination of logic AND intuition in marketing is a huge part of how we create successful campaigns and strategies for our clients. Your intuition is powerful. The more you practice using it in your work, the easier it becomes, and the more confident you become in your ideas and plans.  

If you’re in need of an experienced team to execute successful digital marketing campaigns driven by logic and intuition, check out our services page, or get in touch today.