Welcome back to the LKO fund series. Sit tight. This one is going to be cute. 

Wait rewind… The LKO fund?

If you missed the memo, we recently formed a small (but impactful) fund that we will use to support causes close to our hearts. This series will shed light on the projects and organisations we donate to, in hope to inspire others to give in ways that can. 

If you missed part one, you can recap here. It’s all about our first cause – Restoring a wāhi taonga with the Million Metre Streams project. 

But today, we’re talking tummy rubs, purrs, guilty faces, wagging tails and an excessive amount of fur… also known as pets. 

If you didn’t already know, we’re big animal lovers here at LKO.

It’s not unusual for Oscar (our project managers’ cat) to occupy an entire window on our weekly zoom meeting. Teddy (Lucy’s rescue pup) is also known to chime in on meditations with his dream noises as he sleeps nearby. Our pets make up such a big part of our lives, which is why we chose the SPCA for this year’s fund donation. 

The SPCA has been protecting sick, injured, neglected, abused and abandoned animals in New Zealand for over 140 years. The charity has 35 centres across the country, with 35,000 animals coming through each year. The SPCA’s work is paramount to animal welfare in Aotearoa.

We decided to donate to the SPCA, but there are other ways you can help: 



The SPCA has a range of volunteering opportunities including volunteering within their animal centres, foster parenting, opshops, event and fundraising, administration, maintenance, animal ambulance and outreach therapy. Learn more about the volunteering opportunities as the SPCA here. 



Not to be biased (the sentence that comes before anything biased), but adopting is one of the best ways to help – given of course you have a lifestyle and a safe home to care for a pet properly. We’ll just leave you with the adoption link for you to have a look at the cuties that need a place to call home – https://www.spca.nz/adopt 



The SPCA needs $47m to operate, and they receive $2.5m from the government each year, so the charity relies upon the generosity of the community to continue their work. Anyone can help fundraise, and you can get as creative as you like. Learn more about how to start a fundraising campaign here. 


Involve Your Company

As well as making donations from your company, you can sponsor an event, host a collection box, and set up payroll giving. There’s so many ways you can collaborate to raise awareness and money for a cause that aligns with your brand. 

To finish off, we thought it would be rude not to share some of our favourite pics of the resident LKO animals. Enjoy. 


The LKO fund SPCA.    The LKO fund SPCA


The LKO fund SPCA.      The LKO fund SPCA

The LKO fund SPCA

Supporting the SPCA     Supporting the SPCA


Supporting the SPCA


Stay tuned for part three of the LKO Fund Series, where we share another cause worth talking about. Until then, you can learn more about the SPCA here, and more about us here.