Here’s the golden question: should you be online advertising during Covid-19?


And Here’s the golden answer…

If you have: 

  • A product or service that can genuinely provide value for people during this time. 
  • A business model that is safe to operate and adheres to Government regulations.

Then, yes, now is the time to be putting your products and services in front of your target market using the likes of social media advertising and Google advertising. 

Furthermore, if you’re in the personal development, spiritual development or online programs niche (which the majority of our clients fall into) then there is NO question that you should be online advertising during this time.

Allow us to explain… 

Screentime is at an all time high.

As you’d expect, more people are on their devices. The statistics are staggering: 

  • Online shopping is up by 30%
  • Facebook browsing is up by 53%
  • Instagram browsing is up by 32%

All of these statistics point to the fact that there’ll be more eyes looking at your advertising content. If more people in your target market are being exposed to your ads than ever before, then you’ll likely see a spike in your click through-rates and conversions.  

If you’re in the personal/spiritual development or online programs niche, not only are people being exposed to your advertising, but they have more time at home to take your programs or engage in your services through their devices. 

Advertising real estate competition decreases.

Many businesses don’t have products or services that are viable in this new environment. Therefore a lot of big players are pulling their advertising spend, resulting in decreased competition for advertising real estate. 

According to Social Media Today, analysts are predicting that Facebook’s ad revenue will decrease by 19% for the year, or approximately $15.7 billion in total. That’s a LOT of potential competition that won’t be affecting your ad auctions. 

Advertising costs are decreasing. 

Because of this decreased competition, inevitably, advertising costs are decreasing – making your advertising spend even more impactful. 

For almost all of our clients, we’ve seen a decrease in cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM), cost per lead and cost per video view. For one of our clients, we’ve seen a 40% decrease in CPM, and video thru plays dropped from 6 cents per view to just 1 cent!

Even if you’re not selling, you can serve and nurture. 

If you’re not in the position to sell, you can still make the most of more eyes, decreased competition and reduced costs through providing your audience with high value content to keep your brand at the forefront of customer attention. 

Ask yourself what content your customers would find genuinely valuable during this time, and continue to engage as much as possible with your audience. 

Now is not the time to hide away and wait for this pandemic to be over. It’s time to provide your customers with value and support from afar. 


If you have any questions about using paid traffic and advertising during Covid-19, we’d love to chat. Leave us a comment or get in touch