Super Easy Almond Butter Slice Recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy (ish) (big emphasis on ish) sweet treat, look no further than this gooey almond butter slice recipe.  Chocolatey, nutty, sweet, salty and all kinds of scrumptious, this almond butter slice, loved by the LKO team, is an adaptation of a Deliciously Ella fudge recipe.  You will need:  10 heaped … Continued

2021 Digital Marketing Predictions From 5 Industry Experts

It’s undeniable that 2021 will bring A LOT of change to the digital marketing landscape. Large global shifts in privacy laws, emerging technologies, pandemic impacts and software updates are just a few of the things that will dramatically affect the way we go about digital marketing this year.  Learn what 5 digital marketing industry experts … Continued

Digital strategies

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Your 2021 Digital Strategies

A new year brings change, especially in the digital world.    We’re currently experiencing several major shifts that will significantly impact your success heading into 2021.  Let’s take a look at 3 biggies.     #1 The Apple iOs 14 Update  Apple updates are nothing new, we’re constantly clicking the “remind me tomorrow” button as update … Continued

Boost instagram engagement

5 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement

Has your Instagram engagement plummeted lately? You’re not the only one.    The same thing that happened to Facebook is now happening to Instagram… Hooray! According to a Trust Insights study, organic reach on Facebook went from 16% in 2012 to just 2.27% in 2015, and we’re predicting Instagram will follow much of the same … Continued

Instagram Strategy

Behind the Scenes of an LKO Client Instagram Strategy

Over a few years, we’ve grown one of our client’s Instagram following from under two thousand, to over forty seven thousand loyal followers.    While we know that building a large following shouldn’t be your sole purpose for existing on Instagram (you can see how important we think followers really are here), what we want … Continued

Ads Your Competitors Are Running

How to See What Ads Your Competitors Are Running

Grab your magnifying glass and your fedora, you’re about to become a secret spy…   Well, kind of.  This isn’t quite a secret service mission, but it is a handy hack that you can use to have a nosy at what ads your competitors are running using Facebook advertising.  There’ll be no hacking into the … Continued

Automated Emails

3 Crucial Automated Emails Your eCommerce Store Needs

Automated email flows are one of the easiest ways for you to nurture your customers and increase your revenue for your eCommerce store.    All you have to do is set the sequences up for your automated emails and the work is done.  Thank goodness for automation.  There are many automated email flows you can … Continued

5 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Your Marketing

When we start working with a new client, we get together to discuss their business vision, goals, customers, products, struggles and so much more…   Despite the vast range of clients we’ve worked with, all of them were experiencing the following five things before they decided to outsource their marketing and begin working with us… … Continued

Prepping Your eCommerce Store for the Holidays 

Prepping Your eCommerce Store for the Holidays 

August is too early to be talking about the holidays if… …You’re a customer (we all have that one friend or family member that starts listening to Christmas music three months too early).  But, if you’re a business owner, it’s most definitely not too early. Now is the time to be planning your holiday digital … Continued