The LKO Fund Series – Restoring a wāhi taonga

We were inspired.  And we want to inspire you, too.  It all began with something we’d least expect to draw inspiration from — accounting. We know, numbers, spreadsheets, and profit and loss statements don’t exactly get our creative juices flowing either. But our accountant did.  We work with Lisa from Social Currency Accounting, a values-driven … Continued

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Your 2021 Digital Strategies

A new year brings change, especially in the digital world.    We’re currently experiencing several major shifts that will significantly impact your success heading into 2021.  Let’s take a look at 3 biggies.     #1 The Apple iOs 14 Update  Apple updates are nothing new, we’re constantly clicking the “remind me tomorrow” button as update … Continued

5 Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List

Contemporary digital marketing channels are rapidly emerging. Social media advertising, chatbots, influencer marketing…it’s all new, and it’s all exciting stuff.   But what about one of the oldest digital channels — email?   Is it still relevant? Should you be putting effort into generating leads, growing your list and creating email campaigns? Yes. While email … Continued

Do Instagram Followers Really Matter for Your Business? 

Answer this honestly… Have you ever Googled something along the lines of “How to grow your Instagram following”?   If you’re a business owner or marketer (or aspiring #influencer) chances are you have. But do Instagram followers really matter for your business? Let’s find out. First things first, this is an opinion piece about Instagram … Continued