Our team is made up of qualified, experienced marketers, who are constantly training to stay up to speed on the latest digital trends.

We LOVE digital marketing, and you LOVE your business.

By working together, you can focus on things that matter to you, and we can create tailored online marketing strategies that will drive more revenue for your business.

There’s never been a more appropriate
time to use the term WIN/WIN

All of us on the LKO team are passionate wellness advocates…

“Health has always been a passion close to my heart. I believe that if we are to make a positive contribution to the world, we first need to be healthy and well!

The trauma of the 2010/2011 Christchurch Earthquakes sparked a downward spiral in my own personal health, and I spent the following 5 + years rebuilding my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing on a personal wellness journey.

I’ve been an active part of the wellness niche for more than a decade… and I know it well.

This is what makes me and my team so successful at what we do. We are immersed in the health and wellness niche, both personally and professionally.”


– Lucy McGregor, Founder and Director of Lucy Kate Online.

Outsourcing your digital marketing
to a business who:

  • Knows the health and wellness industry like the back of their hand and,
  • Has proven to drive increased revenue and business growth

…is a no brainer.

Lucy McGregor – Director & Marketing Strategist

Combine health and wellness fanatic with badass business woman – you’ve got yourself a Lucy.

Since 2012, Lucy has built the agency from the ground up, working with a variety of businesses to help them thrive in the digital marketing scene. Lucy combines her passions for the wellness industry with her impressive marketing experience to develop and implement successful strategies and execute a number of 6-figure product launches.

Lydia Campbell-Robinson – Marketing Content Strategist

Lydia began working in the marketing industry at just 18, fast-tracked her bachelor of marketing and international business degree to be completed in just two and a half years and still manages to fit yoga in. We’re not sure how. Lydia is LKO’s social media and creative content guru, with expertise in strategy development, content curation, copywriting, social media management and email marketing.

Charlotte McGregor – Project & Account Manager

You say organisation queen, we say Charlotte. Equipped with the most visually pleasing diary and filing system you’ve ever seen, you’ll find Charlotte arriving fifteen minutes early to meetings with matcha lattes in hand. Charlotte is our go-to-gal for coordinating clients, internal resources and day-to-day smooth runnings of LKO. She’s also an incredible makeup artist, specialising in cruelty free makeup.

Yasmin Nouri – Content Marketer

All things blogging and SEO? Yasmin is your girl. Yasmin works to ensure our clients’ content marketing pieces meet winning criteria, and the content is as accessible as it can be for their target markets.

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