Here’s the sitch: we’re in a climate crisis. 

Now before you exit out, turn a blind eye and carry on as if life is jolly and well (it’s far too easy to do), know that we’re not here to regurgitate depressing stats and figures. What we’re here to do is talk about 5 practical things we’re doing as a team to reduce our environmental impact, that your workplace can do too. 

Remote Working

The LKO team work remotely for a number of reasons, one of those being to reduce our carbon footprints. Because we don’t travel in and out of work everyday, we use less fuel, and therefore cause less pollution. 

While a fully remote team isn’t realistic for every business, just one or two days a week of remote working can still make a big difference. When travelling into work is necessary, bikes, public transport and carpooling is the way to go. 

Ban Single-Use Plastic

Reduce our Environmental ImpactA good way to start is by doing a plastic audit to figure out how much plastic your team actually goes through. Once you’re aware, you can set realistic goals to reduce plastic use.

Don’t just ban single-use plastic all-together without exploring the alternatives as a team. For example, you might have some Glad Wrap in your office kitchen, replace that with beeswax wraps or glass containers. Provide your team with reusable drink bottles and coffee cups, talk to your suppliers and request that your they use less plastic, share your journey on social media and encourage others to act too. 

Support Local, Eco-Friendly Brands

Reduce our Environmental ImpactThere are many ways you can support local, eco-friendly brands within your workplace, depending on the type of business you have. As we’re a digital marketing agency, our clientele are businesses, so we only work with brands who share the same environmental values as we do (that’s strict policies with no b.s). 

If your clientele are customers as opposed to businesses, you may support local, eco-friendly brands through the team lunches you buy, the supplies in your workplace, the brands you collaborate with and the charities you support. 

Volunteer as a Team

This is something that we’d like to do every year. Not only is it fun and refreshing to get away from our screens and do something as a team, dedicating a day to giving back to the environment is rewarding in every sense of the word.

Do a beach clean up, a tree planting day or volunteer your skills to an environmental charity. 

Start a Conversation & Stay Informed

The worst thing we can do in response to the current state of our environment is shut off. The best thing we can do is talk about the issue. Talking about the issue will help you better understand what it is that we can do as individuals and as businesses to help. Talking about the issue will help you learn about brands to support, habits to introduce and people and parties to vote for. There are also SO many wonderful people and communities to follow on social media, some of our favorites are Greenpeace, Carmen Huter, Hello Emilie, Greta Thunberg, Blue Ollis and Zero Waste Home. 

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first. So remember, every small positive change you make adds up to make the world a cooler (literally) place. So instead of feeling hopeless and frustrated, channel your emotions to feel empowered and inspired to do you part as an individual, and as a business. 

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