By the time your customer has reached your sales page, they have (hopefully) established a relationship with your brand and built trust through the various elements of your online sales funnel.


They’re now at the final decision of whether or not they will purchase your product/service. 

Your customer is at a crossroad – to buy, or not to buy? 

The contents and structure of your sales page will determine which direction your customer takes. In order to ensure they take the right path, you need to include the following 5 must-have components of a high-converting sales page…


#1 A Well-Thought-Out Structure 

You can have all the winning components of a high-converting sales page but if they’re not in the right order, you may as well not have them at all.

Think of it like baking a cake: ingredients need to be put together in a specific way in order for it to go down a treat!

The first thing you need to consider is the placement of your heading and subheadings – the size and order of this copy is important. Just see where your eyes are drawn to in the image below. 

High-Converting Sales Page

Once you’ve organised your text, you need to organise the rest of your components: images, videos, additional copy, product information, testimonials and CTA’s. 

In order to know where to put the rest of your components, think back to your customer and their buying obstacles. What is it that’s most important for them to see? Prioritise each component and draw your reader on to the next to ensure they see everything you want them to. All vital information should be displayed ‘before the fold’ – that is on the initial page the viewer sees without having to scroll down. 

Be sure to scatter your CTA’s throughout your page to make it easy for your customer to purchase at any point. 


#2 Well Crafted Copy

The copy that you use on your sales page needs to resonate with your customer. It needs to resonate with their pain points, buying obstacles and their wider dreams and desires. 

A good question to ask yourself as you craft your copy is “So what?” This will allow you to unpack the deeper value behind your offering, and speak to your customer’s wider dreams and desires. Let’s say you have a 30 day money back guarantee. Ok…So what? Well it means the purchase is risk free. So what? It means that the customer can have confidence and relax. See how these keywords are coming through? These are the gems to use in your copy. 

If you need some extra guidance on how to craft strong copy, check out our guide here. 


#3 Testimonials

Testimonials provide an unbiased voice of trust and persuasion that simply can’t be achieved from blowing your own trumpet. Video testimonials are particularly powerful, as they add a personal touch and provide an extra level of authenticity. Written testimonials can be equally powerful, provided they are phrased to include the most important parts, and accompanied by a name and image of the person to add to their legitimacy. 

Never write fake testimonials — not only is it completely unethical, but it’s obvious and ineffective. Keep it real! 

#4 Compelling Graphics/Videos

An impression is formed in 1/20th of a second… so videos and images are essential in order for you to capture your audience’s attention. It’s 100% worth investing in high quality photography and videography to put on your sales page. Remember this is your last chance to close the deal, so make your impression count. While stock images are generally high quality, they’re less personal and overused, so try to avoid them if possible. Scatter your images and videos throughout your sales page in a way that makes sense for your customer journey, and what is pleasing to the eye and easy to consume. 

In terms of actual video and photo content — make sure each graphic has a specific purpose. Don’t just put a semi-related image in to break things up. Be intentional about what purpose the visual is serving and how it contributes to your overall messaging. 

#5 Use Accreditation

High-Converting Sales PageAnother way to provide third party validation of how great your offer is (other than the use of testimonials) is by using accreditation. That is – displaying any awards that your product/service or brand has won, standards that it meets or stamps of authority and competency.

You can also use accreditation by including other successful brands that your product/service is trusted by or that you have partnered with – so you can piggyback on their success.  Accreditation builds trust and gives more credibility to the claims you’re making. It can also set your offer apart from your competitors. 

Don’t forget to have a short paragraph of copy explaining what the certification or award actually means if necessary. It’s all very well to say you’re IWPO certified, but if your reader doesn’t understand the abbreviation let alone what the certification actually means, it’s not much use. 

Remember there is no set template that can be used as a blanket formula for success. Your sales page needs to be put together with your target market and wider funnel in mind – no one else’s.

But whilst you can’t simply copy another sales page’s template and hope it works for your own, you can be guided by these 5 must-have components above, and some great examples…

Here’s a few we can vouch for: 

  1. The Love & Light School’s Crystal Healing Certification Program
  2. Shopify
  3. Marie Forleo’s B-School
  4. Headspace App
  5. Help Scout 


If you need some extra support, guidance, or would just prefer a team of digital marketing experts to put together your online sales funnel (including your choice of social media advertising, email marketing and/or high-converting sales page) get in touch with us today.