A new year brings change, especially in the digital world. 


We’re currently experiencing several major shifts that will significantly impact your success heading into 2021. 

Let’s take a look at 3 biggies.  


#1 The Apple iOs 14 Update 

Apple updates are nothing new, we’re constantly clicking the “remind me tomorrow” button as update notifications fire through our phones and laptops, but this update is different. 


Data privacy.  

As Garrett Hardy from Digital Marketer puts in “From election interference, to congressional investigations, to polarization, to general public distrust in tech companies, data privacy has been front and center in an international conversation about the power that tech and social media companies possess”. 

While we believe data protection is a good thing, it means things will get shaken up in the world of advertising. This is something you need to consider when formulating your digital strategies. 

As the update rolls out, apps like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube will give the option for users to opt out of data tracking. Up until now, this data tracking has driven the success of social media advertising, as campaigns are personalised to a user’s journey. 


Digital Strategies

Image via: TechSpot.


Most people will opt-out of sharing data, which means: 

  • It will be harder for advertisers to reach relevant target audiences. 
  • Campaign optimization will become increasingly difficult. 
  • Audiences on mobile devices will take the biggest hit. If a Facebook user on their mobile device clicks on a link that directs them to a new browser, Facebook can’t track any of that information. As a result, conversion tracking and retargeting will suffer.
  • Reporting will become less accurate. 

So what do you do?
  • Prioritise flexibility. Formulate social strategies that are malleable to upcoming changes, and be prepared to pivot. Remember social media advertising is not “over”, it’s just changing.
  • Diversify your wider digital strategy so you’re not solely relying on paid advertising.
  • Think about how you can create meaningful content and leverage organic reach.
  • Think about new ways you can measure success.
  • Verify your domain in Business Manager. This will ensure no disruption in the ability to configure conversion events. 

As more information is released and updates are rolled out, we’ll be here to help you navigate this big change. 


#2 Authenticity, Accountability & Transparency Win

In the Earned Brand Global Report, it was recorded that 64% of consumers globally are belief-driven buyers. This means they are willing to buy or boycott a brand because of its position on social or political issues.

As activist @shaunking put it, the commentary by Ben & Jerry’s proves you can be ‘overtly profitable AND political’.  

Digital Strategies


Read the full 8 slides from Ben & Jerry’s here. 


Taking a stance on social, environmental and political issues doesn’t just benefit your brand, it benefits the causes you believe in. 

Authentic participation, transparency and accountability make your business and the world a better place. 

So have a think about what it is your business stands for. Brainstorm ways you can contribute towards causes you care about, and think about how you’ll tell that story to your customers through your digital strategies. 


 #2 Meaningful Content Connects 

Arguably the most effective way to connect to your customers in 2021 is through meaningful content creation. Whether it’s video content, social media, podcasts, free training – content is where it’s at for 2021 and beyond. 

If you haven’t already formulated your content strategy for 2021, this blog post is a great place to start. 

Video content is expected to be a winning performer this year. According to Liana Technologies, posts that don’t contain a video get 92% less traffic, compared to posts with at least one video. 

We recommend planning a video schedule for 2021, where you organise what video content you can shoot and distribute throughout the year. Think IGTVs, reels, long form social videos, stories. 

Stuck for video content ideas? Here’s some inspiration. 

Now that you’re armed with these three big insights, we recommend visiting your 2021 digital strategies and making adjustments where necessary. 


Need a hand with that? Get in touch to find out more about our digital marketing services today. 


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