You have a listening list, right? You know, the little page on the Notes of your iPhone with all the great things you’ve been told to tune into?


Well, get that out now (or make one ASAP), and add these 10 health and wellness podcasts to the very top. From a team of health and wellness fanatics, you have our word that they’re worth a listen. 


1. The MindBodyGreen Podcast

Health and Wellness PodcastsAs far as health and wellness podcasts go, this is definitely a favourite. What’s so wonderful about the MindBodyGreen podcast is their “360 approach to wellness”. Their podcast is eclectic, covering health from every angle – mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental.

Each week you’ll be treated to interviews with CEO of MindBodyGreen Jason Wachob, and various health experts in their field. The podcast feels raw and unscripted, and gives you perspectives and insights into health that you’ve probably never thought of before. 


2. The Daily Meditation Podcast

As the title suggests, this podcast is your daily meditation fix. What makes this podcast unique is the weekly themes based on an emotion. For example, it could be on self-doubt, patience, kindness or trust.

You’ll gain new mindfulness techniques with each episode, learn how to tune into your emotions, and the daily releases help you make meditation part of your everyday routine.  


3. Well & Good With Art & Matilda 

Health and Wellness PodcastsThe only downside to the Well & Good podcast is that you can’t actually see the beautiful Art & Matilda in the flesh… but maybe you wouldn’t really take anything in if you could.

This podcast covers all sorts of wellness topics in a fun, relatable and engaging way. It’s a refreshing break from the serious tone of many other health podcasts. 


4. The Love & Light School Podcast

While we will admit to having some client bias, the Love & Light School Podcast is a must-listen for anyone with a curiosity for crystals.

Your wonderful host, best-selling author and crystal expert Ashley Leavy explores healing properties of various crystals, interviews some of the most inspiring spiritual entrepreneurs and shares her personal stories on being an international crystal teacher. 


5. Deliciously Ella Podcast 

Health and Wellness PodcastsYou’ve probably heard of Deliciously Ella from her delicious (they really are) plant-based recipes, but Ella and her business/life partner Matt are all-rounders when it comes to wellness.

In this podcast you’ll learn about nutrition based topics such as plant-based power, sustainability and diet myths, as well as more holistic health conversations like digital detoxes, dealing with loss and having babies!


6. The Life Coach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo 

If you’re interested in becoming a life or wellness coach, Brooke Castillo is someone you need to be listening to. Brooke has coached thousands of people around the world to improve their physical and mental health, career, lifestyle and business.

In this podcast, Brooke shares her wisdom from her years of experience on how to become a coach that genuinely serves their clients and helps them reach the results they seek. 


7. UnF*ck Your Brain

If you struggle with anxiety, self-doubt or imposter syndrome (I think that’s all of us?) this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Hosted by Master Confidence Coach Kara Lowentheil, each episode helps you understand where your insecurities and anxieties come from, and how to shift your mindset to become more confident, stress-free and happy. Your mental health will thank you for tuning in. 


8. Tara Brach Podcast 

Tara Brach is one of the mindfulness gurus.  Known for her meditation teaching and best-selling books Radical Acceptance and True Refuge, Tara’s podcast creates a space for you to not only practice meditation at home, but learn about the psychology behind mindfulness and why it’s so important.  


9. Mentally Yours

We all deal with mental health issues,  some worse than others. But knowing there are other people who have experienced the same thing as you can be extremely reassuring, especially when you get to hear about how they overcame their struggles.

This is why the Mentally Yours podcast is such a goodie. Each week, hosts Elen Scott and Yvette Caster chat to guests who have dealt with all sorts of mental health issues, shedding light on diagnosis, support, relationships, recovery and so much more. 


10. The Lively Show 

If you’re feeling burnt out by the pace of the ‘hustle hustle hustle’ world and want to learn how to live a more sustainable, balanced and aligned lifestyle, The Lively Show is for you.

Host Jessica Lively delves into topics such as the law of attraction, consciousness and alignment in an inspiring, yet practical and applicable way. 



And just like that, your listening list suddenly sounds a whole lot more appearling (sorry, had to). If you’ve got any other recommendations for wonderful health and wellness podcasts, please leave them in the comments below. Our team are always on the lookout for more. 

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